Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gracie Jean Lockyer

******UPDATE 9-22-08 Please read Amanda's plea for prayer for Gracie from today's date. She is going to leave the update up for 48 hours--they are asking all believers to pray for God's intervention and miraculous grace for little Gracie. She puts it so much better than I can, so please go visit their Caring Bridge page and then PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

***Update 9-11-08--Our God is THE God of Miracles. Little Gracie actually coded on them, they removed her tubes, etc. so that her mommy could hold her. Her blood pressure dropped, pulse rate dropped down really low. Then, all of a sudden, her pressure went back up, all her numbers went up more in the range they should be. She's still critical, but is doing better. Please continue to pray for this little lady. Oh, and yeah, she has peed and peed.....lots of wet diapers--a real answer to prayer!!

**Update--9-10-08--Gracie's having LOTS of problems with her kidneys. They are giving her diuretics on top of diuretics and getting very little results. Please pray hard for her today--pray for her kidneys to start functioning as they should.

Meet Gracie Jean Lockyer. She is the granddaughter of a former pastor of ours (Pastor Jim and Denise Brown). Gracie Jean was born on March 7, 2008 and has been in the hospital since her birth. After birth they discovered that the left half of her heart had not developed properly. God has blessed this family with the life of this little princess. Her mommy and daddy (Todd and Amanda) have shown such strength and reliance on God during this whole time. (She has a big brother, Haddon, who loves her and prays for her all the time). Gracie has touched so many lives and has been a great witness for her Lord, even at this young age. Today, Gracie is not doing so well--she's got fluid built up and has been unable to pass urine, which is important to help her rid her little body of the fluid. She's had to have her ventilator kicked up again as well as some of her meds. Anyway, please pray for this little lady--her family is very special and loves her so much. They are relying fully on the grace and mercy of our God--who is SO GOOD. If you are interested in reading Gracie's story, you can find it at www.caringbridge.org/visit/graciejeanlockyer . Please join me in flooding the Throne of God in prayer for this baby and her family!!! Our God is able.

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